Economist turned engineer

I graduated from Aarhus University in 2009 with a M.Sc. in Economics and Business. After graduation, I joined the Ph.D.-program to write a thesis that would eventually be titled “Papers in purchasing and supply management: A capability-based perspective”. The thesis was published and defended in November 2014 and I was awarded the Ph.D.-degree. All of the research that I did for my thesis has been published in peer-reviewed journals and one edited book.

My Ph.d. made me realize that I liked working with data and combined with an interest in IT, I moved into consulting. I did Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse development for a some years until the advent of self-service BI made Data Warehouse developers like myself look old fashioned 😉 I wanted to try something else and I had been learning a lot of data-related technologies in my spare time (mainly R, Python – but also playing around with RaspberryPi to build things). Now I’m a lecturer in Software Engineering at VIA University College. This is my dream job – I get to work with young people and technology and if I want to learn something new, I just commit to teaching it.

I enjoy being creative. I like gardening, knitting and sewing. I am interested in any and everything that has to do with textiles with a fair level of geekery about natural fibers. I also like to do monte carlo portfolio simulations for fun and talk to about personal finance, pension and investing.

I clearly don’t believe you should stick to just one hobby or one profession.